Karla Seals


Vogue UK - July issue 2013 Shenova Designer Profile
Bayfashion Magazine July issue 2013 swimwear


JAKE fall 2015
Salon Miel 2014
Zarate SF 2013
Shenova Fashion 2013


JAKE F/W Night Circus Custom + Couture Collection 2016
San Francisco Fashion Week 2011 - 2016
SF Has Fashion 2013
SF Fashion Tech Week 2013
San Francisco Design Week 2012
Evo3 - 2012
Black V Fashion Event 2012
Project San Francisco 2012
Project San Francisco 2011

Career Objectives

I love marine biology and computer science and want to do something that involves both - with ocean exploration and ROV’s, researching elasmobranchs (California Horn Sharks and Bat Rays are two of the cutest things on the planet) and life in the ocean, the weird and amazing world of plankton from microscopic diatoms to jellyfish that can sting you from meters away, hydrothermal vents and other extreme marine environments..


Reading - especially in the sun while camping, working on computer programs (yay C++! Assembly why do you constantly break my heart?), swimming, listening to music in person, or just listening to music wherever.. Everything to do with fashion, the patterns and textures, the art and stories through images and fabric - in denim shorts and a tank top or an Elie Saab gown (one day?).

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